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Lisbon,New York USA

Monday, May 31, 2010

Pressing Flowers Today

Today my plan has been to press flowers. Also, I am going to be blogging in both places. So, if you look for me here, you'll still find me but you'll also find me at the new address. I'm too attached to this blog to leave it. Some of my blogs are on the other site too. So, you get to pick and choose I guess. At any rate, I'm off to the shop and the front porch to finish putting the shop back together after a long stretch of having everything that could freeze in the house. The front porch still has my wreath making things on it and I really need to get all of those put away as well. As soon as I have the batteries, I'll be posting the pictures from the day and the bread making that has been taking place. I hope everyone is having a very enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.

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