Baker Road Bakery and North Fork Bed and Breakfast/Gifts

Lisbon,New York USA

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Purses and Pressed Flowers....

All of the goals that were set for the gift shop were attained on Thursday. We've had nothing but rain, rain and more rain! The garden needs attention and hopefully that will happen today. The big news is that the gift shop is all set for customers. The check out counter is finished enough. Today I'd like to put the trim on the sides. The purses and beautiful cards are all on display. I'll be making more soap today as I've sold out of my shea butter vanilla lavender. I still have goat's milk vanilla lavender. It's very exciting because it's my own scent creation and people just love it! I'm putting some pictures of the purses here so you can see them. The gift shop website is still under construction and I hope to have it finished soon.

As you can see, the inside has pockets and a key holder. They are very well made with an inner lining and magnetic button to close at the top. The straps are just the right length to go over the shoulder or be held in your hand. The colors are just perfect for summer! All of these will be shown in detail on the gift shop website It's still a work in progress so please be patient. If these interest you please email me at and I'll be happy to process your payment and send you the purse of your choice.

The pressed flowers are coming along. It took most of the day yesterday to categorize them. If and when it ever stops raining, I'll be pressing more. They look really nice on the covers of the tin travel candles. I'm hoping to get some of the 4oz. candles ready for sale. Time to work on the website. Tonight is Rock The River! Always a lot of fun! Since I'm up so early this morning, I've decided to finally take the time to visit my friend's blog. She is also my sister-in-law. She does the most incredible work with fiber of all kinds. Her patience amazes me. Her work is amazing. I highly recommend checking out both her blog and her product. You can find her blog at