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Lisbon,New York USA

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pressed Flower Soap Success and the seeds are up!

Finally, I have successfully created pressed flower soap! After many tries, success. These are so pretty and very different. This particular one is done in a sweetened honey base with a green tea and cucumber scent. I think my customers will really love this new soap!

I'm including a couple of pictures of some of the hanging baskets in and around the pergola. They are so pretty! They're growing beautifully. Yesterday I potted up more planters. I hope to finish them today when I have more soil.

It's very exciting this week in the garden. This is a picture of the corn. I planted 8 rows and it's all up. I was a bit worried because there have been tons of birds in and around the garden. I was afraid they may have eaten the seeds. The beets, beans and carrots are up as well. Time to start weeding.