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Friday, February 25, 2011

Stranded Guests and the Gift Shop Website

Well today was very busy. This morning I spent getting ready for guests. I had an appt. and then groceries and other things. As I was out and about, my guests began calling to talk about the weather. Although the weather here wasn't too bad and their weather was ok, there were white out conditions in the Adirondacks. I'm so glad they all decided to wait and head out early tomorrow morning. I think a fun time will be had by all.

Tomorrow I will await the arrival of our guests, Tim will be doing another tasting in Tupper Lake and Sarah will be skiing. I'm hoping to make it up there on Sunday and go cross country skiing and snow shoeing. We'll see how the time goes.

Very exciting news regarding the gift shop website....more and more is getting on there all the time and if you have a chance, please do check it out!  I'm very excited about this!! Well it's off to sleep. Tomorrow will be another very busy day!

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